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5 things we've learnt about Boston Terriers

We've had Lola for around 18 months now and there have been some ups and downs. So we wanted to put together 5 things we've learnt about Boston Terriers in the last 18 months.

Lola the Boston Terrier

We always want to hear about other owners' experiences though so please do comment.

1. Boston Terriers like cheese
Well they seem to like most food apart from dog food to be honest. Yes we've tried all sorts of doggy treats but Lola loves licking up scraps from our dinners. And the one food she can't get enough of is cheese. Particularly very mature cheddar cheese appears to be the favourite. What it is about this treat, we don't really know but we could literally feed her an entire packet of mature cheddar cheese and she would have no problem in finishing it off!

2. Boston Terriers find reflections very confusing
This might be something common with other breeds of dog but Lola still hasn't picked up the fact that her reflection is actually her and not another dog! So when she does see her reflection in our french windows for example, it's always assumed that this is another Boston Terrier intruding on her territory. Even when this other dog barks at exactly the same time. Oh dear...

3. A favourite game for Boston Terriers is Tug
Lola loves it when anyone plays with her. The Boston Terrier breed does seem very playful and they won't get bored of your attention. But the favourite game of all is tug. She loves to sink her teeth into a bit of rope, bare her teeth and use her neck power to give it a real tug. It doesn't appear to be a competition. It's not a case of needing to win the piece of rope being tugged on. It just feels like it's an activity that ensures she is getting some attention and can get really stuck into.

4. Boston Terriers must lead on walks
Well, if they are not really trained then this is what tends to happen. We go out for a country walk with the kids and Lola has to be at the front. Whether she is on her lead or let loose, our Boston Terrier must be in the lead and getting everyone to follow her. We don't have any idea why but it just always happens.

5. Boston Terriers sleep. A lot
One of the reasons why some people choose the breed is because they don't need a great deal of exercise. Of course when you are out, they absolutely love it and can run around for ages. But when at home, they are quite happy to find a favourite place (it seems to be our bed a lot of the time) and just snooze for as long as they can. You just hear that snoring sound and every now and again their head and ears will prick up. And then when they realise it's either not food or the opportunity to play, they will just sink their head down again and sleep.

So, there you go. There are many other things we have noticed. And whilst of course every Boston Terrier is different, we feel that most owners will have experience of most of these.

But if you disagree then let us know in the comments below.

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